Road Trips Out of Chandler, AZ

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Monument Valley Arizona

If you feel like you’ve experienced all the things to do in Chandler, AZ — including the variety of great restaurants in Chandler — or just want a change of scenery, it’s time to think outside the box and take the gang on a road trip. Explore our recommendations for road trips and start planning your next adventure.

Zion Canyon Scenic Drive

The Zion Canyon Loop in Utah is a scenic drive that takes you around Cedar City and into Zion National Park, with ghost towns, mountains, and strange and beautiful rock formations. This is the ideal road trip destination: it is a little over 400 miles north of Phoenix, taking you through the Coconino National Forest, the Hopi Reservation, and the southern edge Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. You can even take a detour to the Grand Canyon National Park on the way.

Ghost Towns of Arizona

If you want to experience Arizona history with a hint of the macabre, a ghost town road trip is a must. With ghost towns in every direction, it’s easy to tailor the trip to your liking.

  • To the Southeast: Tombstone, AZ with the Boothill Graveyard and Bird Cage Theater
  • To the Northwest: Santa Claus, AZ, the Christmas-themed ghost town, and Oatman, AZ, the Wild West ghost town.
  • To the North: Just outside the borders of the Coconino National Forest you’ll find Canyon Diablo and the ruins of Two Guns, AZ, where an epic western show-down took place.

Route 66

You can catch the old Route 66 from Gilbert if you drive north to Flagstaff, AZ, and either choose to go west to Los Angeles, or east to Chicago, experience historic sites and amped-up nostalgia along the way.

Monument Valley

If you haven’t had your fill of the wild west (or breathtaking views), head up to Monument Valley on the Arizona-Utah border and witness the cinematic landscapes used so effectively in the classic Hollywood westerns, including Stagecoach, Once Upon a Time in the West, and of course, Back to the Future Part III.

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