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Land Rover Dashboard Warning Lights

Range Rover Dashboard

Are you seeing an unknown red or yellow warning light on your Range Rover dashboard? Land Rover dashboard warning lights have been designed to alert you to issues that need attention in the near or immediate future, and interpreting their meanings doesn’t have to feel like a chore.  We’ve put together a comprehensive overview of some of the most common Land Rover dashboard warning light symbols, so you can schedule service and get back on the road with confidence.

Interpreting Your Land Rover Dashboard: Severity

  • Red lights are emergency indicators. You’ll want to pull over at the earliest opportunity and you may want to call for assistance. Although you may be able to drive directly to a local Phoenix-area service center in some cases, towing is usually a safer bet.
  • Yellow lights don’t always require immediate attention, but you shouldn’t try to put them out of mind. Review our service specials and make an appointment as soon as possible. In some cases, a yellow light will activate when one of your safety features is engaged.
  • Green lights generally indicate that one of your SUV’s features is currently active. There’s never anything to worry about here.

If you’ve been keeping up with your recommended maintenance schedule, red dashboard warning lights should be exceedingly rare.

Interpreting Your Land Rover Dashboard: Warning Light Symbols

Range Rover dashboard warning lights are almost always identical to those you’d find on Land Rover models. That’s another way of saying that they’re consistent across the manufacturer’s entire line. Here’s what you’ll want to watch out for:

  • Airbag: The yellow airbag light will usually come on for a moment after you start the engine. If it stays on, a malfunction is likely.
  • Auto High Beam Assist: Automatic high beams turn on when the road is clear, and automatically dim when another driver is present. A green dashboard light will come on whenever the feature is engaged.
  • Automatic Speed Limiter: A yellow speedometer with the letters “LIM” will appear when your Speed Limiter feature is active. It can be useful for off-roading (or for counteracting your lead foot) and with Traffic Sign Recognition, it can even set limits automatically.
  • Battery Issues: If a red battery light stays on for more than a few moments after starting your engine, your battery may not be charging properly.
  • Braking Issues: When the word “BRAKE” appears in red, you are dangerously low on brake fluid. If adding more fluid doesn’t solve the problem, a more serious braking issue could be the cause.
  • Critical Warning: Sometimes you’ll receive a Land Rover dashboard warning message. Open up the message center and read the content as soon as possible. Red messages are critical and require immediate attention. Yellow messages need to be dealt with in the very near future. You can access the message center through your dashboard, so don’t go looking through your Land Rover InControl® interface.
  • Dynamic Stability Control: When Dynamic Stability Control is working to keep you safe on Tempe or Gilbert roads, a yellow light (a vehicle with skid marks behind it) will appear on your dashboard. Issues with this system will appear as messages.
  • Engine Issues: Also known as a check engine light, this light will usually appear in yellow. Check the usual culprits (including your gas cap) and schedule service as needed if the light doesn’t go off immediately. The issue may extend beyond your engine block, and could be related to the transmission.
  • Exterior Temperature Gauge: An exterior temperature gauge will send you a warning if the weather is below freezing, since low temperatures can lead to icy roads. This symbol looks like a yellow snowflake.
  • Forward Alert: When your Forward Alert feature is engaged, this green light (a vehicle surrounded by a triangle) will appear on your dash.
  • Hill Descent: Land Rover Hill Descent Control can help you traverse steep inclines safely. When you activate the feature, a green light will appear on your dashboard.
  • Internal Temperature Gauge: The internal temperature gauge appears in red, and looks like a partially submerged thermometer. (It’s usually accompanied by “ENGINE OVERHEATING” so you can’t miss it.) Pull over and pop the hood using the lever in your cabin, but don’t touch the hood as it may be hot enough to burn. If you see smoke, vacate the immediate vicinity and do your best to warn passing drivers.
  • Oil Pressure: This symbol always requires immediate attention. Usually, you just need to add more oil, but in some cases a deeper issue may be at work. Pull over and wait a moment for the engine to cool, then take the next steps with caution.
  • Lane Departure: If you exit your lane, this Land Rover safety feature will activate a dashboard warning light. You may even feel a vibration through the steering wheel! It should go off again as soon as you’re safely back in your lane.
  • TPMS: Like many new vehicles, most Land Rover SUVs include a Tire Pressure Monitoring System as standard. If you see a red light that resembles a flat tire with an exclamation mark, one or more tires have deflated rapidly. A yellow light means that your pressure is at least 25% below the recommended level.

If you’ve reviewed the list of Land Rover dashboard warning lights above, and you still don’t have your answer, give us a call at (855) 474-1292 or make an appointment as soon as possible.

We’re Here to Help with All of Your Land Rover Dashboard Lights

If you’re anywhere near Chandler, AZ, our Land Rover dealership service center is your source for all things related to Land Rover and Range Rover maintenance–including genuine parts! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out in whichever way is most convenient for you.

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