How Much is Liability Insurance in Chandler, AZ?

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How much is liability insurance? Most states require this type of protection, but your liability insurance rates will vary based on the type and the amount of coverage you include. The most common type of liability insurance is often referred to as “100/300/50.” This is shorthand for a plan that:

  • Pays out up to $100,000 for injuries, per person
  • Pays out up to $300,000 for injuries, per accident
  • Pays out up to $50,000 for property damage, per accident

How much does liability insurance cost if you choose this basic coverage package? Rates will generally fall between $46 per month and $80 per month for Gilbert and Tempe drivers.

What is Liability Insurance and What Does it Cover in Chandler?

When you pay your monthly liability insurance cost, what exactly are you getting in return? Liability insurance does not cover you if you’re responsible for an accident, but it will cover other drivers and connected parties in the event that you cause a collision. Generally, your liability insurance rates pay for two different types of coverage: Protection for those injured, and protection for property damage. Here’s what you should know:

  • Bodily Injury Coverage – If you cause harm to another driver or a pedestrian in an accident, this part of your liability insurance coverage pays out to ease their suffering. That means that money will go to assist with the other person’s medical bills and pain management strategies. If another driver sues you for additional injury coverage, your defense and court fees would also be paid for.
  • Property Damage Liability – If there is damage to another person’s property, your property damage liability insurance will pay out to fund repairs. If another person loses money as a result of being unable to use property that was damaged, your property liability coverage will help them make up the difference.

For a better understanding of your liability insurance coverage, it might help to find out what comprehensive insurance covers.

How Much Liability Coverage Should You Have?

Different states have different legal requirements where liability insurance coverage is concerned. Drivers near Phoenix and Mesa will need to purchase coverage which:

  • Pays out $15,000 for injuries, per person
  • Pays out $30,000 for injuries, per accident
  • Pays out $10,000 for property damage, per accident

Remember: These are the minimum coverage requirements in Arizona. If you want to purchase additional coverage, you’ll certainly benefit from doing so. After all, accidents which you cause can be very costly, and larger payout limits will make the entire process that much easier. Your premiums will probably go up, but it always pays to be protected.

Learn More on Finance and Insurance with Land Rover Chandler!

If you’re moving forward with an auto financing or leasing plan, it might be helpful to sit down with an expert on our finance team. We’ll go over everything in detail and help you find the ideal liability insurance policy cost for your needs. We can also discuss extended warranty options, state coverage requirements, and so much more!

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